Buying Options

We offer multiple options to buy our beef in both small and large quantities.

Below is a breakdown of how you can purchase our beef. Make sure to also check out the purchasing forms located on the sidebar.

Bulk Freezer Beef

We try to process beeves in early summer and again in fall. These two offerings are timed with the peak grass growing season in Ohio, which is critical to finishing beef before it is butchered. If you are interested in ordering bulk freezer beef, send us your e-mail to be notified when beef will be available.

We sell bulk beef by its “hanging weight,” charging by the pound. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass prior to the dry aging process and before it is cut up into individual pieces or made into ground beef. If you order a quarter, the standard cuts you will get are shown below. The amount/number of each item will depend on the size of the cow, but the total take home amount (after aging, processing and vacuum packaging) typically averages between 65 – 90 lbs. per quarter. If you order a half (side) or whole beef you can choose exactly how you would like the beef cut up, so it is popular to pair up with family and friends to not only pick the cuts you want. This allows you to maximize the amounts of your favorite cuts of beef.

We accept orders for bulk freezer beef as a quarter, half or whole beef. We invoice you directly for the cost of your beef. When you pick up your beef at the processor, they will require payment for killing, processing, cutting, vacuum wrapping and freezing. Once you place and order and make a deposit, we will let you know the location, date and time for pick up at the processing facility well in advance (typically over several days, including a Saturday morning). You will need to bring your own cooler(s), large enough for the quantity you’ve ordered. A typical 1,000 lb. beef will quarter out to between 65 – 90 lbs. and will usually fit into two (48 quart) coolers. Please feel free to call or email us in advance if you’d like more specific cooler sizing suggestions.

We encourage our 1st time bulk beef buyers to consider requesting their beef purchase in either the “Standard Cut” fashion if they routinely cook roasts, or in the more popular and simpler “Steaks and Ground Only” cut fashion. After their first experience they typically know what suits them best so they can request the cuts more specifically on their next order.

Come to our Farm

We usually have ground beef and soup bones available at our farm. Depending on the timing for processing beeves, we may also have a variety of steaks and roasts, and liver, heart and tongue. Give us a call to let us know how much you would like, and to arrange a pick up time.

River City Farmers Market

When inventory allows in the summer, we are a vendor at the River City Farmers Market in Marietta, on Saturday mornings, 8 – 12 (Mid-May through mid-September). We typically have ground beef available by the pound, and depending on availability, also have a variety of steaks and roasts and other cuts available by the pound. Hearts, livers, tongue and soup bones are also available upon request.

Buy at One of Our Retail Partners

Sugar Butte Farms in Lowell, Ohio
Sugar Butte Farms offers pasture raised poultry and eggs, and silvopastured pork. Like Valley Ridge Farms, they use no antibiotics or hormones. Supplemental feed is all organic, non-GMO.
Visit their website:
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All-Pro Nutrition in Marietta, Ohio
All-Pro Nutrition, in downtown Marietta, offers a variety of cuts and ground. Stop in to see them at 252 Front Street.
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Standard cuts in a quarter beef

Approximate quantities of cuts with a typical quarter beef. Quantity is highly dependent on thickness and weight of each cut and the size of the beef. Tongue, heart, liver and soup bones are available upon request.

# Cut Thickness/Weight
2 packs Rib Steaks 3/4" thick, 2 per pack
1 pack Porterhouse Steaks 3/4" thick, 2 per pack
3 packs Sirloin Steaks 3/4"thick, 2 per pack
2 packs T-bone Steaks 3/4" thick, 2 per pack
3 Chuck Roasts 3 lbs each
2 Sirloin Roasts 3 lbs each
2 Rump Roasts 3 lbs each
3-4 packs Stew Beef 1 lb each
2-3 packs Short Ribs 1 lb each
35-45 packs Ground Beef 1 lb each
Contact us to request specialty cuts not listed.